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Holistic Practitioner

  • Neural therapy $250 (per session)

    What Is Neural Therapy? Neural Therapy initially was developed in Germany, it became a prevailing healing modality to regulate the body and alleviate chronic pain. Neural Therapy was developed under the assumption that trauma, either that was caused through injury or surgery, dysregulates the electrochemical connection between different tissues within the body. Therefore, it leads to long-term miscommunication in pathways, which leads to chronic pain and dysregulation of the entire system. In Neural Therapy, we utilize homeopathic remedies, vitamins, and procaine. The goal of Neural therapy in Brooklyn is to restore tissue to its normal functioning state, regulate the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system so the body can heal and reverse the disease process.

  • Threat Lift $3000 (per procedure)

    What Is Thread Lift Treatment? A Thread Lift is a completely non-invasive facelift treatment that is currently the most advanced method for a patient to restore their youthful face without having to undergo a painful surgical operation. The individual who will most benefit from a Thread Lift is anyone who has signs of gravitational facial aging, such as drooping eyebrows, necks, cheeks, and/or jowls. If you are a suitable candidate and are interested in having a non-invasive facelift treatment without the skin damage and uncomfortable recovery period associated with a typical surgical facelift, then a Thread Lift could be the ideal remedy to help you turn back the hands of time. A Thread Lift is a non-surgical face treatment that is done on a patient who’s received a local and topical anesthetic. This technique was developed to lift and realign loose skin in the upper brow, neck, and cheek area without the need for surgery, which means it is much less prone to complications and unexpected results than more invasive facelifts.

  • Prolozone $250 (per joint)

    Prolozone treatment is a non-invasive form of therapy that utilizes ozone gases to treat various joint and musculoskeletal ailments. The name Prolozone was made out of the combination of the Latin word ‘prolix’ and ozone. As the name suggests, this treatment works through the saturation of oxygen to the problem area, promoting the regeneration of damaged tissues. Basically speaking, this treatment is unique in a way that it facilitates our bodies natural healing mechanism by supplying it with oxygen and cell-regenerating nutrients. Below is a compilation of medical conditions that responds successfully with this treatment: Carpal tunnel syndrome; Chronic neck pain and back pain; Degenerative spinal discs; Degenerative & arthritic ankles, hips, and knees; Dental infections; Heel spurs(heel pains); Neuromas; Fractured pains; Scarred areas; Pelvic-related disorders; Plantar fasciitis (policeman’s heel); Post-operative pain; Rotator cuff injuries; Sciatic neuritis; Sinusitis; Sports-related injuries; Tennis elbow (lateral epicondylitis); Temporomandibular Joint disorders; Any sprains and strains.

  • Filler $600 (per once ciringe)

    Dermal Fillers As we age our skin naturally loses subcutaneous fat, causing facial muscles to work closer to the skin’s surface, resulting in crow’s feet and smile lines to be significantly more apparent. Other external environment factors also have an effect on the skin such as sun exposure, and loss of facial volume leading to the stretching of the skin. Dermal fillers are mostly comprised of hyaluronic acid and are used to aid in the diminishing of facial lines and works to restore facial volume and fullness. Furthermore, dermal fillers are used to plump lips, enhance shallow contours, and improve the appearance of recessed scars. Botox is a synthesized formula extracted mostly from the bacterial toxin botulin. It has the capacity to successfully treat certain muscular conditions. But its most famous use has been in cosmetics where it removes wrinkles through a temporary paralysis of facial muscles. Carefully purified and when used responsibly by a professional, there is no risk of botulism with treatment.

  • Weight Loss and Weight Management $250

    Weight Loss and Weight Management $250 (monthly) There are thousands of programs for losing weight out there, but very few are backed by the science of the human body: medical science. Medical weight loss sounds intimidating, and it can differ significantly from traditional weight loss program. However, if you taking a quick look at the simple steps that make up a medical weight loss program, you may change your mind about medical weight loss. What are the benefits of a Medical Weight Loss Program? Medical weight loss is an attractive option for those that are overweight or at risk of developing weight-related health problems. In many cases, weight loss systems that use medical science have a greater chance of reducing: visceral fat, fatty liver, cholesterol levels, obstructive sleep apnea, type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular diseases. Initial Consultation During your initial consultation, provider will construct a unique medical profile that will be used to develop your optimal program. The medical profile includes: your body weight body fat percentage resting metabolism visceral fat biologic age After these parameters are measured and recorded, your medical provider will construct a weight reduction plan that fits your specific body type. Commonly Recommended Options

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